[Ip-health] Invitation: WCD 2018 - Access to Medicine (A2M) campaign launch (Cancer Alliance, South Africa)

Catherine Tomlinson crtomlinson at gmail.com
Wed Jan 17 00:46:34 PST 2018

Please see below an invitation to join the Cancer Alliance's Access to
Medicine campaign launch on 30 January in person or via webinar.

For more information about the event and the campaign, please contact
Salomé Meyer from the Cancer Alliance at advocacy at canceralliance.co.za

To RSVP to attend the event in person or via webinar, please contact
ursula at conversations2.co.za. Final venue and login details will be supplied
when you RSVP.

Access to cancer medicines in South Africa

In preparation for World Cancer Day 2018, join *Kwanele Asante*,
Chairperson of the Ministerial Advisory Commission on the Prevention and
Control of Cancer, in the debate about access to lifesaving medicines
and our demand for policy reform. The *media roundtable / webinar* will be
held on Tuesday 30 January at 11am at:

   - University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg
   - iThemba Labs, Cape Town; or
   - Online via webinar

*Why are we holding this meeting?*
Cancer rates in South Africa are expected to rise by as much as 85% by
2030. Rapidly rising medicine prices are adding to this growing cancer
burden. In spite of this, our research shows that South Africa routinely
grants and upholds patents that could have been challenged and rejected.
The result? Some lifesaving medicines are available in other countries at
less than half the cost. Many are only available to private sector
patients, even though they are on the WHO Essential Medicines list. A
revision in South Africa’s intellectual property policy could see the
prices of medicines drop by as much as 90%. To commemorate World Cancer
Day, Cancer Alliance will be announcing the eight medicines which will be
the focus of a concerted two year campaign to change the path of cancer
treatment in our country.
Discussants will include:
*Malebona Precious Matsoso*, Director General of the National Department of
Health and member of the UN High Level Panel on Access to Medicine;
*Xolelwa Mlumbi Peter*, Deputy Director General at the dti to discuss
intellectual property (TBC);
*Professor Paul Ruff*, Head of Medical Oncology, University of
Witwatersrand, member of MCC, Essential Medicine's Committee;
*James Love*,International patent and access activist, Union for Affordable
Cancer Treatment (UACT <http://cancerunion.org/>); and
*Sue Johnson*, multiple myeloma survivor

RSVP to ursula at conversations2.co.za by January 22.
Final venue and login details will be supplied when you RSVP.

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