[Ip-health] Advocacy groups say U.S. move on TB drugs will restrict access

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Sun Jul 8 17:51:06 PDT 2018

Ed Silverman is one of a handful of person
who have covered
​several ​
cases where the US government, under different Presidents, has pressured
governments on drug patent issue
​.  Ed
 had this report on July 5th, regarding the US actions in a UN negotiation
on a resolution on TB,


U.S. pushes back on global declaration for TB drugs, a move advocacy groups
say will restrict access
By ED SILVERMAN , Pharmalot JULY 5, 2018

mid growing frustration over the cost and development of tuberculosis
medicines, the U.S. government is pushing changes in global policy at a
United Nations meeting this week that patient advocacy groups claim will
make access and affordability more difficult for poorer countries.

Specifically, the U.S. has proposed language that would negate provisions
found in a World Trade Organization agreement, which allows countries to
issue compulsory licenses as a way to create lower-cost alternatives to
medicines, according to the latest draft version of an agreement.

The U.S. also wants to remove language from a working draft that would
“delink” R&D costs from the price and sales volumes of medicines, a notion
that would involve creating new incentives for industry to develop new
medicines while providing greater access.

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