[Ip-health] Medicare's 'catastrophic insurance' can be a catastrophe for middle-income seniors

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Yes I am in that group. Everything in the insurance is plugged as advantageous. "What if  face really expensive drugs? Do you pay for it?" The answer is this: "The most you will ever pay is your out of pocket limit plus of course a small deductible of x hundred...or 5 percent of the price. That's it."

A few percent sounds like a bargain. But it is whichever is HIGHEST. If you're drug is, say, 12,000 a month, as is mine (right in the middle in fact, of these types of drugs), it will cost almost 10,000 a year, which is probably what insurance companies end up actually paying. The result is really effectively no coverage at all.

There should be two solutions or amendments. It should be either, so the insured could choose the cheaper of the stated deductibles. Or the percentage could be calculated on the average actual net cost paid by average insurance companies. Or better yet the lowest actually paid by insurance companies.


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