[Ip-health] Ministry of Health of Chile declares public health need for CL for hepatitis c drugs.

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Sat Mar 10 11:31:32 PST 2018

 Dear Friends

The Ministry of Health of Chile  led by the Health  *Minister Carmen
Castillo,* has stood up for the patients and  *has declared that there are
public health reasons to grant compulsory license to access hepatitis C
drugs  sofsbuvi*r and other retrovirals.

This comes after a more than  two years process started in Chile by
Innovarte NGO,  with the support of KEI, and later on DNDi.

This declaration comes as the response to a formal petition made by
Innovarte, cancer patients and congressmen,  to make a such declaration,
and takes into consideration the  resolutions passed by the Chilean House
of Representatives,  WHO declarations, and in particular  the number of
hepatitis C patients in Chile that can not be treated because of the high
price of the sofosbuvir combination in Chile,  and  the need of  adquiring
generics that cost a fraction of the price to save the life o hundreds of
men and women infected. Something that can not be achieved unless  a CL
removes the exclusivity.

This declaration expressed in the official document signed by Minister
Castillo, (enclosed), will suffice the requirement for compulsory licensing
provided in the chilean patent law   19039 ( article 51)  that requires
that the competent authoriy declares there are public health reasos to
grant the compulsory license,

Based in such document  the same Ministry of Health or other bodies private
or public now can take the step to sue the rightloder of the patents to
obtain the CL.

This pro health  succes  could  not been possible without the help from a
number of congressmen who stood up to protect the health of chilean
patients above any other consideration, and pressed politicaly the Ministry
of Health and Economy of Chile and the Chilean President Michell Bachelet
to move forward the Innovarte led petition.

Special mention and thanks are for congressmen *Giorgio Jackson*, who led
the approval in the Chilean Congress of two resolutions requiring the use
of CL by the ministry of health and other specifically declaring public
health justification for CL for hepatitis c drugs.  Other front line
congressmen have been Alvarado, Rubilar, Tuma, Boric, to mention some.
Also a number of academics provided inputs and recomendations, such Carlos
Correa and Andres Ycaza.

In this process also was critical the support of chilean cancer patients
led by Antonia Toledo,  and hepatitis C patient Marcos Aguirre and the
Guild of Chemical pharmaceutical professionals.

More details on the process and copies of previous official presentations
and resolutions can be found in :


Questions on this process to : info at innovarte.cl

Luis Villarroel

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