[Ip-health] Juxtapid prices, reimbursement status

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The drug and company are known under different trade names in some

Brand Names

   - Lojuxta <https://www.drugs.com/international/lojuxta.html>
   Aageron, Spain; Aegerion, Sweden
   - Juxtapid <https://www.drugs.com/international/juxtapid.html>
   Aegerion Pharmaceuticals, United States
   - Lojuxta <https://www.drugs.com/international/lojuxta.html>
   Aegerion, Germany; Aegerion Pharmaceuticals, United Kingdom

Here are the foreign names for lomitapide:

   - Lomitapidum (Latin)
   - Lomitapid (German)
   - Lomitapide (French)
   - Lomitapida (Spanish)

On Wed, Mar 14, 2018 at 12:23 PM, James Love <james.love at keionline.org>

> I would very much like to obtain prices for Juxtapid in different
> countries.  If anyone knows the price in Japan or other high income
> countries in particular.  Also, if the drug is not available in a country,
> that's useful information too.
> It is a treatment for a rare disease, Homozygous Familial
> Hypercholesterolemia (HoFH).
> ​  The US price seems to be from $1300 to $1550 per day, up from $644 per
> day when it was first approved for the US.  We believe the high price has
> severely restricted access.
> Jamie
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