[Ip-health] Did Gilead fail to disclose taxpayers' role in key Hep C drug patent?

Kim Treanor kim.treanor at keionline.org
Thu Mar 15 11:24:13 PDT 2018

This appeared in Politico's Pulse newsletter this morning:


*Did Gilead fail to disclose taxpayers' role in key Hep C drug patent? *That's
what a group called Knowledge Ecology International is asking, suggesting
that Gilead may have failed to disclose that one patent on its blockbuster
Sovaldi was developed with the use of taxpayer funds, POLITICO's Sarah
Karlin-Smith reports. Such disclosure is mandated under the Bayh-Dole Act,
which also gives the government the ability to "march-in" and break the
patent rights if the product isn't available to the public on reasonable

Many groups have argued the high prices of drugs like Sovaldi calls for the
government to exercise this right, but NIH has disagreed with this

Knowledge Ecology International sent a letter to HHS requesting that the
government investigate the matter - and take possession of the patent if
Gilead did not properly disclose. The patent at issue was owned by
Pharmasset, which originally developed the Hep C drug. Gilead later
acquired the company. Gilead said its policy is to fully disclose
appropriate grants and contributions. It is reviewing KEI's letter.

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