[Ip-health] Putting the US Special 301 Report in a new perspective

Donald W. Light Jr. dlight at princeton.edu
Tue May 1 19:20:09 PDT 2018

To complement Shailly Gupta report, I recently write a short analysis with Arthur Caplan in the BMJ that presented evidence that prices at the UK level cover research and production costs, plus modest profits. http://www.bmj.com/content/bmj/360/bmj.k1088.full.pdf   American prices that are three times higher appear to be all pure profit that then funds an assembly of lobbyists 2.4 times more numerous than members of Congress to advocate for unfettered prices, consumer advertising, payments to physicians, and payments to patient groups. For the US Department of Commerce to apply its power to only patent-based drug companies that charge far more than costs and not apply its power to much more cost-effective generic companies, is to block by free-market price competition and to make millions of households suffer unneeded impoverishment.

Don Light

Edmund Pellegrino medal in bioethics, 2016

PS This analysis does not necessarily represent the views of any institution to which I am affiliated but is based on 30 years of pharmaceutical policy analysis.  www.pharmamyths.net<http://www.pharmamyths.net>

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