[Ip-health] Michael Cohen pitched himself as a fixer to Novartis and got $1.2 million

James Love james.love at keionline.org
Wed May 9 11:43:11 PDT 2018

Ed Silverman's big scoop


The curious relationship between one of the world’s biggest drug makers and
President Trump’s personal lawyer began early last year when Michael Cohen,
a longtime fixer for the president, reached out to Novartis’s then-chief
executive officer Joe Jimenez, promising help gaining access to Trump and
influential officials in the new administration, according to an employee
inside Novartis familiar with the matter.

Jimenez took the call and then instructed his team to reach a deal with
Cohen. A one-year contract worth $1.2 million was signed with Cohen in
February 2017. The company’s hope was that Cohen could help it navigate a
bevy of uncertain issues facing the drug maker — from potential changes to
the Affordable Care Act and tax reform to navigating reimbursement
challenges for medicines.

“He reached out to us,” the Novartis employee said, providing STAT with the
company’s version of events as it scrambles to contain the fallout from
being entangled in the investigations surrounding Trump and his inner
circle, including Cohen. “With a new administration coming in, basically,
all the traditional contacts disappeared and they were all new players. We
were trying to find an inroad into the administration. Cohen promised
access to not just Trump, but also the circle around him. It was almost as
if we were hiring him as a lobbyist.”

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