[Ip-health] Today all hands on deck: Trump will attack affordable meds in major speech

Peter Maybarduk pmaybarduk at citizen.org
Thu May 10 20:40:53 PDT 2018

News reports and a White House fact sheet are circulating tonight - Thursday eve in Washington -- indicating that Donald Trump, in his first major speech on medicine pricing to the nation Friday afternoon will indeed attack "foreign freeloading" - aka policies around the world that make medicines a little more affordable -- which he says increases prices for Americans. In other words, raise your medicine prices, and ours will come down. Trump's speech is paired with new administration policy that will increase U.S. government pressure on many countries to sacrifice health for the pharmaceutical industry's interests.

Access to medicines movement: we need all hands on deck; all of us fighting back to reveal that Trump's plan is ineffective and cruel. It will cost our lives and we will not stand for it. We need you to speak out, as loud and effectively as you can.
Thank you, Peter



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