[Ip-health] The President's speech on drug pricing

James Love james.love at keionline.org
Fri May 11 11:43:41 PDT 2018

It was short, devoid of much content, and surprisingly weak.

The plan was released here:


The word "patent" appears three times, but only in the context of patent
expiration causing drug companies to lose a lot of money.
Apparently its up to USTR to raise drug prices around the world, using our
government's "tremendous power" to do so.

About the only interesting thing that was said at the press conference was
Alex Azar mentioning the FDA would study whether it could require drug
companies to put prices in direct to consumer ads, and even that was only a
promise to look into the possibility.

What a colossal disappointment for anyone who actually believed, as I did
to some extent, that Trump would be motivated to do something about drug

Having Azar by his side, as the chief protector of big pharma, was a
telling reminder of how little Trump ever intended to "clean the swamp."

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