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James Love james.love at keionline.org
Thu May 17 09:50:38 PDT 2018

I've been asked for some price comparisons for Xtandi, which is sold in
40mg tabs, of which a patient normally takes 4 per day.

These are four prices, but I would be grateful or any additional data
points, including the US WAC price, and any foreign prices.

We will put the data we collect here as we get it.



Prices for Xtandi (INN:Enzalutamide)

May 16, 2018

The drug is sold in 40mg tabs.  The dose is 4 tabs per day.


Australia PBS, 40 mg x 112, for AUD 3702.82

At exchange rate .7516,  USD $2,738, or $24.85 per pill.

Source: http://www.pbs.gov.au/medicine/item/10174L


The 2016 NICE review (will be updated in 2019)

In 2016, list price of  £2734.67 for a 112-capsule pack of 40 mg

This is $3,699 USD, at today’s exchange rate (1.35), or $33 per pill.
However, the drug is selling at a discount. According to NICE: “The company
has agreed a patient access scheme with the Department of Health. This is a
simple discount to the list price of enzalutamide. The level of the
discount is commercial in confidence”

Source: https://www.nice.org.uk/guidance/ta377/chapter/1-Recommendations


Ontario Canada, Exceptional Access Program

CAD 29.1954 per 40 mg tab.  At current exchange rate of .78, this is $22.77



Goodrx coupon price, is $12,139.42 for 120 40mg tabs.  Equal to $101.16 per

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