[Ip-health] New ML&P Blog on Data and Market Exclusivity in the EU and why it needs fixing

Ellen 't Hoen ellenthoen at medicineslawandpolicy.net
Mon May 21 05:31:49 PDT 2018

Dear IP-Health readers,

Here is our latest blog titled: European Pharmaceutical Legislation Needs Exceptions to Data and Market Exclusivity to Protect European Patients from High Drug Prices

https://medicineslawandpolicy.org/2018/05/european-pharmaceutical-legislation-needs-exceptions-to-data-and-market-exclusivity-to-protect-european-patients-from-high-drug-prices/ <https://medicineslawandpolicy.org/2018/05/european-pharmaceutical-legislation-needs-exceptions-to-data-and-market-exclusivity-to-protect-european-patients-from-high-drug-prices/>

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