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Thu Apr 25 02:17:29 PDT 2019

Dear treatment access activists!

World Intellectual Property (IP) day is this Friday, 26 April 2019, and the
official theme is ‘reach for gold’.

Gram for gram, a HIV medicine costs more than gold.

Make Medicines Affordable (MMA) and partners have created an animation for
social media
https://www.dropbox.com/sh/61i18gagdr5aiha/AABJ6sip_5ENdSW1ZB85swJ6a?dl=0 and
published this related article

We would love your help to help increase awareness of how the abuse of the
IP system results in the over-pricing of essential medicines.

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The theme of #WorldIPDay2019 is ‘reach for gold’.

Gram for gram a #HIV medicine costs more than gold. 💰💊💰💊
This #WorldIPDay don’t reach for gold - REACH FOR RIGHTS.

#TreatPeopleRight *@*affordabledrugs

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Gram for gram a #HIV medicine costs more than gold. 💰💊💰💊
Prices of essential drugs been ramped up by the abuse of the patent system.


#TreatPeopleRight #WorldIPDay #WorldIPDay2019 *@*affordabledrugs


The pharma industry is the world’s third most profitable and THE largest
lobbying power in the USA.


Why the need for such heavyweight lobbying? To keep essential meds


#TreatPeopleRight #WorldIPDay #WorldIPDay2019 @affordabledrugs


Have you heard of a ‘Blockbuster Drug’?

Making $1 billion USD in annual sales.

Making more money than a Blockbuster Film 📽️

Making billions, while millions of people can’t access life-saving


#TreatPeopleRight #WorldIPDay2019 @affordabledrugs


#WorldIPDay is about protecting innovation.

The abuse of IP (intellectual property) on medicines =

Indecent Profits
Industry Profiteering

Ill Patients

#TreatPeopleRight #WorldIPDay2019 *@*affordabledrugs

*(Add Animation)*

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