[Ip-health] Huge for XDR-TB patients and TB Alliance

Aidan Hollis ahollis at ucalgary.ca
Wed Aug 14 12:25:29 PDT 2019

NIX-TB trial successful. This is a victory for patients with XDR-TB, who can now be treated much more effectively; and also a success for TB Alliance, which has brought pretomanid forward and achieved approval for a combination therapy.



"Some researchers hope that TB Alliance can serve as a model for antibiotic drug development as health authorities warn about the growing danger of drug-resistant infections. “

"Drug companies have largely abandoned development of antibiotics because they can cost upward of $1 billion to bring to market but yield far less revenue than drugs for chronic conditions, such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol, or specialty drugs that can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars or more. Antibiotics are often inexpensive and are taken for days or weeks at a time, compared to drugs for cancer and chronic diseases that are taken for months or years.

All antibiotics approved in the last decade have had disappointing sales, and Achaogen, a company that had an antibiotic approved last year, filed for bankruptcy in April.

Pretomanid is part of a three-drug regimen against highly resistant forms of TB and is the third FDA-approved anti-TB drug in more than 40 years. TB Alliance said 95 of its first 107 patients in its clinical trial had a successful outcome after six months of treatment with the three-drug regimen. The historical treatment success rate is 34 percent."

Congrats to TB Alliance and its partners!

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