[Ip-health] Two TB Survivors files Pre-grant opposition on BDQ salt composition (1220/MUMNP/2009)

Roshan JOSEPH Roshan.JOSEPH at geneva.msf.org
Fri Feb 8 04:42:27 PST 2019

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) and civil society organisations in India are supporting a patent challenge filed by two TB survivors on the core DR-TB drug bedaquiline. Nandita Venkatesan and Phumeza Tisile has filed a pre-grant opposition on an application for a salt composition of Bedaquiline. The opposition is filed to ensure that the monopoly on the drug is not extended further.

The opposition filed can be accessed here https://www.patentoppositions.org/en/drugs/bedaquiline/patent_oppositions/5c5c0b4bd2708f0005c98d08

A briefing document on the grounds for the opposing patent application can be accessed here https://msfaccess.org/opposing-patent-application-bedaquiline-formulation-india

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