[Ip-health] reminder: tomorrow (Feb14) webinar - Regulation to accelerate access to biosimilars: Colombia's pioneering approach

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Wed Feb 13 02:03:14 PST 2019

Dear ip-health readers,
This is a gentle reminder that the webinar on "regulation to accelerate
access to biosimilars" with Carolina Gomez from INVIMA (National Institute
of Food and Drug Monitoring, Colombia), is happening tomorrow at 4pm (CET)
/ 10am (Colombia) (see when it will take place in your timezone here
Please see below for more information and registration link.

Regulation to accelerate access to biosimilars: Colombia's pioneering

Thursday 14 February | 4:00pm-5:00pm CET |10:00am-11:00am Colombia

To join the webinar, please register here


Carolina Gomez, advisor for the General Directorate, INVIMA - Instituto
Nacional de Vigilancia de Medicamentos y Alimentos (National Institute of
Food and Drug Monitoring), Colombia


Barreras técnicas innecesarias a la competencia y la inequidad en el
acceso: el caso de los  medicamentos biotecnológicos

The debate on regulating biotechnology drugs: Colombia in the international
context <http://iris.paho.org/xmlui/handle/123456789/28578> (2016)


An increasing number of biological medicines are being developed and used
to treat a wide range of health conditions, such as cancers, diabetes,
autoimmune diseases. Many challenges impede wider use of these technologies
by patients and national health systems, including their high prices. Out
of the 10 most sold medicines in 2017, 7 are biologics. Complexities in the
development, production and regulatory framework for biologics can limit
competition, contributing to keeping prices out of reach for many. With
patent protection and data exclusivity for a number of biologics medicines
expiring, how can regulations assure quality, safety and efficacy, without
becoming a technical barrier to competition? How can regulation accelerate

Carolina Gomez will present the regulation Colombia adopted in 2014 for the
evaluation of biologics, with a special focus on the process to authorize
competing products -- i.e. biosimilars or biogenerics. She will explain the
‘fast-track’ approach used to accelerate access by reducing unnecessary
regulatory requirements, as detailed in her 2016 article (above). She will
also identify the main technical barriers in the international regulation
of biologics (e.g. clinical comparability, differential nomenclature and
restriction of substitution and interchangeability) explored in her
forthcoming paper (above). Finally, she will discuss how Colombia's
pioneering approach can inform ongoing international debates, including the
evolution of WHO guidance on biologics regulation.

Who should consider attending?

Those interested in learning more about:

- Measures to address high prices of biological medicines

- Regulatory framework for market approval of biologics

- Regulatory approaches to accelerate competition and access to biosimilars

The webinar is free and will be held in English. Participants will be able
to pose questions orally and in writing during the webinar, and the speaker
will respond to a selection of these during the second half of the event.
Recordings of all webinars will be made available online at the Global
Health Centre webpage
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email with additional
information on how to join the webinar.

We hope you will be able to join us for this informative presentation. This
event is part of the webinar series of the Knowledge Network for Innovation
and Access to Medicines, a project of the Global Health Centre at the
Graduate Institute of Geneva. Suggestions for speakers and topics for
future webinars are welcome at globalhealthresearch at graduateinstitute.ch.

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