[Ip-health] Open medical science for better health-care for all

Sophie Bloemen sophie at commonsnetwork.eu
Tue Feb 19 03:17:31 PST 2019

Dear All,

Late 2018  Commons Network and UAEM held an event at the European 
Parliament:/Open medical science for better health-care for all: Making 
Horizon Europe work for the public interest”. /
Please find here an analysis and opinion pieceHorizon Europe – Open, but 
not too much 
by us on based on the discussion regarding the EU's management of 
research funding and the resulting knowledge management.

That afternoon we had the opportunity to have a vox-box discussion 
<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQ6TuGsxSdc> with some of the 
participants: MEP Margrete Auken, Peter Gøtzsche, Fernando Lamata, Anna 
Peiris(UAEM)and David Hammerstein (CN). You can find the little  1.5 
minute snippets online 
‎,Add Button> as well, which we are sharing on social media including 
twitter under #medicinesascommongood

Best regards,


Sophie Bloemen
Commons Network
Keizersgracht 102
1015 CV Amsterdam
Tel: 0031(0)683784207
twitter: @sbloemen

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