[Ip-health] Comparison between April 29, May 7, and May 10 versions of WHA 72 resolution on transparency

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Comparison between April 29, May 7, and May 10 versions of WHA 72
resolution on transparency
Posted on May 13, 2019 <https://www.keionline.org/30760> by Thiru

On Monday, May 13th, Politico published the latest version (May 10, 2019)
the transparency resolution noting the “dizzying number of brackets” in the
latest text.

The original sponsors are: Italy, Greece, Malaysia, Portugal, Serbia,
Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Turkey, and Uganda.

KEI has published a table comparing the three texts

Diff, May 10, 7 and April 29, WHA Transparency Resolution

KEI’s comment on the negotiations that transpired on Friday, May 10th is as

“The negotiations went somewhat better on Friday, Germany and France were
the most hostile to advances on transparency. The United States position
changed from Tuesday, and was more constructive, perhaps surprising some
Northern European countries. Canada and some other countries became more
active, and there was stronger participation from developing countries,
compared to the Tuesday talks.

Germany, Denmark, Sweden and the UK thought they could kill the resolution
last Tuesday, by offering blocking amendments and complaining that they did
not have sufficient time to tackle such a complex topic. But the very
negative reaction to the Tuesday negotiation by public health groups
changed the dynamics quite a bit. On Friday, there was a broader acceptance
that this topic will be before the WHA next week, and that some significant
actions on transparency could well move forward,

There is a pretty wide range of possible outcomes, from nothing at all to
something fairly far reaching, and everything in the middle. The drug
company lobby against transparency is in full gear right now, and that
should not be underestimated.” James Love, KEI Director.

The countries that proposed changes in the May 10 informal, and the number
of comments or changes they proposed, were:

   Australia 8
   Austria 3
   Brazil 25
   Canada 12
   Denmark 14
   Ecuador 5
   France 8
   Germany, 32
   Greece 5
   Hungary 1
   India 12
   Italy 8
   Japan 6
   Netherlands 2
   Poland 2
   Spain 8
   Sweden, 10
   Switzerland 12
   Uganda 7
   UK 12
   USA 37

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