[Ip-health] Medicine For All: The Case for a Public Option in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Dana Brown dbrown at democracycollaborative.org
Fri Sep 13 07:04:08 PDT 2019


A couple of days ago we released a report that might interest some on this
list. The paper, *Medicine For All: The Case for a Public Option in the
Pharmaceutical Industry <https://thenextsystem.org/medicineforall>*, lays
out a full supply chain democratic, public option in pharmaceuticals for
the US (you can also request paper copies if interested).

The model is informed both by precedents in public ownership of
pharmaceuticals from around the world, as well as public and community
ownership in other sectors in the US. One of our key recommendations in the
report is the possibility of using publicly-owned entities at the state and
local level as components of a comprehensive public option for the
pharmaceutical sector. To help demonstrate the feasibility of this
approach, and to flesh out the details of a possible implementation
strategy for our recommendation, we worked with the Sustainable Economies
Law Center to prepare a legal memo
how this would work in the California context.

I hope pieces of this work can be useful to others here.

Happy to field any questions if you've got them.


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