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KEI thinks that transparency of R&D costs, as well as revenues, units sold,
prices, manufacturing costs, are all necessary for any deep reform of the
incentive systems for drug and medical technology development, including
pricing of patented products or services.

Other bills before the Congress have some very good provisions on
transparency.  The Pelosi bill does not.

It will take a while to digest a 101 page drug pricing bill.

Correct me if I am wrong, but transparency of R&D and manufacturing costs,
covered in several other bills, seem left out.

Information given to HHS remains secret. Which is really stupid and really


Page 18,

‘‘(d) CONFIDENTIALITY OF INFORMATION.—Information submitted to the
Secretary under this part by a manufacturer of a selected drug that is
proprietary information of such manufacturer (as determined by the
Secretary) may be used only by the Secretary or disclosed to and used by
the Comptroller General of the United States or the Medicare Payment
Advisory Commission for purposes of carrying out this part.

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