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James Love james.love at keionline.org
Fri Sep 20 09:05:52 PDT 2019

KEI now open sources the data we collect.



We are continually working to update the databases and add new pages on
topics that inform drug pricing and access to medicines. If you have any
data or suggestions that would be an asset to this project, please contact
us via info at keionline.org.

The data are not subject to copyright, and are collected from third
parties. That said, it obviously takes time and money for KEI to collect,
update and make these data available to the public, so donations are
welcome, and will encourage us to make additions to the database.

Drug Prices and Sales
Prices, selected drugs
Sales, by year, for selected drugs
Medicare Outlays on Drugs Compared to US and Global Sales
Resources for Finding Drug Prices
Patents that received NIH-funding
FDA Orange Book Patents
US Patents with government interests declared.
Insulin Patent Landscape
Selected patent licenses disclosed in SEC filings
Orphan Drugs
Orphan Designations/Approvals
Orphan Drug Tax Credit
Publicly-funded Research
NIH Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADAs)
NIH Exclusive Licenses
US Patents with government interests declared
RePORTER Clinical Trials
Drug Approvals
Novel Drug Approvals
Drugs Granted Exclusivity for Pediatric Studies
Drug Company Financial Data
Selected Pharmaceutical Company Financials
Aggregate U.S. Federal Corporate Income Tax Return data for the
Pharmaceutical Sector from the I.R.S.
Drug Research & Development
Aggregate Pharmaceutical Company Drug Sales, R&D outlays, and selected
government R&D outlays.
Estimates of Drug Development Costs
Clinical Development Success Rates
California Institute for Regenerative Medicine trial data, including trial
cost, enrollment, phase, disease
Federal Bills on Drug Pricing – 115th Congress
State Bills Related to Drug Pricing
Legal Disputes
US Court Cases that Cite 28 USC § 1498
US Court Cases that Cite the Bayh-Dole Act, 35 U.S.C. § 200-212
Economic Resources
Select Economic Indicators
Inflation Indexes
Helpful Resources
Other Useful Databases


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