[Ip-health] We'll find a treatment for coronavirus – but drug companies will decide who gets it

Achal Prabhala aprabhala at gmail.com
Wed Apr 15 23:24:26 PDT 2020

Ellen 't Hoen and I have a piece out in the Guardian on what lies ahead, 
in which we pay special attention to how crucial the Covid-19 Technology 
Pool will be to curbing this pandemic in the months and years ahead:


Além disso, para os falantes de português nesta lista, o Intercept 
Brasil tem uma cobertura perspicaz e contundente de como a pandemia está 
se desenrolando por lá: https://theintercept.com/brasil/

No início deste mês, conversei com Andrew Fishman, editor-chefe da 
Intercept Brasil, sobre monopólios, capitalismo e pandemia: 

Good wishes,
Achal Prabhala

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