[Ip-health] Changes to the EU Proposal on COVID19 Response #WHA73

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Wed Apr 29 08:29:04 PDT 2020

Changes to the EU Proposal on COVID19 Response #WHA73

The evolution of the EU proposal on COVID-19 Response for WHA73: changes in
the language on fundamental freedoms, intellectual property, privacy
matters, stronger language for dealing with misinformation, and new
additions on food and nutrition, among others.

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically catalysed strategies on improving
the access to medicines in the context of this crisis, unthinkable even a
few weeks ago. The evolution of this draft shows that traditional concerns
around incentives and innovation, while ensuring access and affordability,
continues in the time of the pandemic.

The EU proposal for a CONSOLIDATED zero draft on a WHA73: “Covid-19
Response” was made public on 15 April 2020, has undergone a fair amount of
transition over the last few days.

Knowledge Ecology International had published and discussed the zero draft in
a post on April 15 <https://www.keionline.org/32775>, 2020. And
subsequently, its statement and response to the draft.

A version of the zero draft dated April 26, 2020, seen by this reporter
[received from a credible source], shows significant comments on the draft
from a range of member states on matters including IP, privacy,
rights-related language and others. I am unable to publish the document in
its entirety here, at the time of writing this, but find below excerpts
from the text - the earlier version in blue and the latter version in red.
This is by no means exhaustive. [Also note, that this is a blog post, not a
fully reported news story]

Some of the significant changes in the course of these consultations, which
will undoubtedly continue ahead of the Assembly, can be read here on my
Geneva Health Files - a reporter's blog

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