[Ip-health] New research synthesis on R&D time and success in the pharmaceutical sector

Marcela Vieira marcelacfvieira at gmail.com
Fri Aug 14 04:03:18 PDT 2020

Dear all,
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We would like to share with you a new research synthesis on research and
development timeframe and success rate in the pharmaceutical sector. It can
be accessed at https://www.knowledgeportalia.org/r-d-time-success

Research and development for medical products is a longstanding topic of
research. Estimating costs and time to produce new health technologies has
wide implications for the pharmaceutical industry, governments, and global
health policies as a whole. Accurate estimation of time spent in each
development stage as well as success rates could allow actors to be more
efficient in their allocation of resources to product development. This
research synthesis examines success rates and timeframes of pharmaceutical
R&D. The main reasons for development termination are also explored.

The research syntheses are a resource of the Knowledge Portal on Innovation
and Access, a project of the Global Health Centre, Graduate Institute of
Geneva, and aim to provide concise, comprehensive overviews of the current
state of research on a specific topic. There are currently 21 topics
available under 3 themes: pricing, intellectual property and innovation. A
list of all topics is available at https://www.knowledgeportalia.org

As always, we value your comments and feedback through the contribution
form available at the website or by email at
globalhealthresearch at graduateinstitute.ch.

Best regards,
Marcela Vieira and Suerie Moon

Marcela Vieira
Researcher and Project Coordinator of the
Knowledge Network for Innovation and Access to Medicines

Global Health Centre, Research
Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies
marcela.vieira at graduateinstitute.ch

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