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As part of its activities on intellectual property and public health, the South Centre has published the following on the matter:


Seeking Remedies for Access to Medicines and Intellectual Property: Recent Developments <https://www.southcentre.int/book-by-the-south-centre-2019/> By Germán Velásquez

Research Papers:

Mainstreaming or Dilution? Intellectual Property and Development in WIPO<https://www.southcentre.int/research-paper-95-july-2019/> By Nirmalya Syam

Antivirales de acción directa para la Hepatitis C: evolución de los criterios de patentabilidad y su impacto en la salud pública en Colombia<https://www.southcentre.int/documento-de-investigacion-96-agosto-2019/>  Por Francisco A. Rossi B. y Claudia M. Vargas P.

Medicines and Intellectual Property: 10 Years of the WHO Global Strategy<https://www.southcentre.int/research-paper-100-december-2019/> By Germán Velásquez

Second Medical Use Patents - Legal Treatment and Public Health Issues<https://www.southcentre.int/research-paper-101-december-2019/> By Clara Ducimetière

Policy Briefs:

The USMCA must be amended to ensure access to affordable drugs in Mexico<https://www.southcentre.int/policy-brief-64-july-2019/> By Maria Fabiana Jorge

Time for a Collective Response to the United States Special 301 Report on Intellectual Property<https://www.southcentre.int/policy-brief-65-july-2019/> By Viviana Muñoz-Tellez, Nirmalya Syam and Thamara Romero

USMCA debe ser enmendado para asegurar el acceso a medicamentos en México<https://www.southcentre.int/informe-sobre-politicas-64-agosto-2019/> Por Maria Fabiana Jorge

Major Outcomes of the 2019 World Health Assembly<https://www.southcentre.int/policy-brief-71-january-2020/> By Mirza Alas and Nirmalya Syam

Training Papers:

Intellectual Property and Access to Medicines: An Introduction to Key Issues - Some Basic Terms and Concepts<https://www.southcentre.int/training-paper-1-december-2019/> By Germán Velásquez

Please also check out the following South Centre e-newsletters with articles on IP and health:

South Centre News on AMR<https://www.southcentre.int/category/publications/south-centre-news-on-amr/>

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