[Ip-health] HAI Statement at 146 EB. Item 14 (GSPoA)

Jaume Vidal jaume at haiweb.org
Thu Feb 6 21:57:28 PST 2020

 Statement  of Health Action International to the 146th session of the WHO Executive Board, delivered by  Natalia Arias
Agenda item 14
Global strategy and plan of action on public health, innovation and intellectual property
Thank you chair,
Stichting Health Action International has been following the Global strategy and plan of action on public health and intellectual property since its inception.
We remain convinced that the World Health Organisation (WHO) has a central role to play in addressing the shortcomings of the current R&D model by endorsing a renewed balance in research that serves global public health and promoting greater transparency on R&D cost, medicine price and any other information relevant to improve access to medicines.
We commend WHO joining cOAlition S and for its contribution to greater access to publicly funded knowledge. We follow with interest the multi-agency initiative to promote local production of medicines and health technologies; we hope that support to intellectual property-related policies within pharmaceutical manufacturing development can be replicated and scaled up.
We welcome action proposed by the Government of Brazil and encourage other member-States to follow-up WHO’s implementation of the prioritized recommendations of the Expert Panel.
At a time when some member States are under pressure for considering making legitimate use of sovereign rights in the protection and promotion of public health, it is worth reiterating once more that Intellectual property rights do not, should not and must not prevent Member States from taking measures to protect public health.
Thank you

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