[Ip-health] Pls join & amplify: Abdul El-Sayed, Jeff Sach, 1, 500 Health Workers Urge Biden Adopt a Bolder COVID Plan

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Fri Jul 31 13:34:19 PDT 2020

Dear IP-Health, 

I rarely post here, but am grateful for the list, and take guidance from the posters all the time. It also represents a gathering of the small group of IP progressives around the world actually willing to made demands of Joe Biden. Do any of you have the ability to lift this up?:

Abdul El-Sayed, Jeff Sachs, and nearly 1,500 health professionals and experts <http://bit.ly/bidencovid19> are asking J Biden to adopt a truly massive People’s Pandemic Prevention Plan <https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Kj1NRP1rjZq8JhmKOm-3q80GMRV66V46LEfT__X896g/edit>. We’re demanding funds for global health, price controls and off patent global access for medicines/vaccines in the U.S. and worldwide (and not just for COVID), action on climate change and zoonotic diseases, and a permanent public health corp os 300,000 union jobs to address health disparities, and a plan to end AIDS by 2025. Groups like ACT UP, Greenpeace, CPD, and People’s Action have signed on to support, but all the actual organizing is being put together by a ragtag band of volunteer AIDS activists, protesters and busy, very stressed out doctors. We could really use a lift!

Can y’all help us promote this Town Hall? Here’s the link to register: https://bit.ly/PandemicTownHall <https://bit.ly/PandemicTownHall>
Sample social media posts and email templates are below.

Town Hall is Tuesday, 11am ET, with Prof. Jeffrey Sachs, Doctor Abdul El-Sayed and two doctors with horror stories from the COVID front lines. They will share their stories and make recommendations and critiques for COVID-4 in the Senate, as well as what we all need Joe Biden to, do come January🤞. Journalists and the public will be able to ask questions. 

Please help us! You can borrow (and improve) on the sample tweet, FB post and sample email is below my signature. Find a lot more in this social media kit <https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GVu8DYCjvgJIzxfVlMhof4yFgLLmH5ZfFf2fI5wexrg/edit>. Also, let me know if you’re really good at the killer tweet. We could use some help! :)

Paul Davis
R2H Action <https://www.r2action.org/> [Right to Health]
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he, him

Sample tweet: 
@realDonaldTrump has NO plan for COVID or future pandemics. But 1500 health workers + experts DO! Register for Nat'l Town Hall on Pandemic Prevention Plan, w/ @AbdulElSayed, @JeffDSachs +frontline MDs @DoctorLix & @DrRishiRattan urging @JoeBiden to act: bit.ly/PandemicTownHall

FB post:
150,000 COVID-19 deaths in the U.S. and Donald Trump STILL has NO plan. But 1,500+ health professionals, scientists, and experts DO and are calling on Joe Biden and Congressional leaders to adopt it. Register now for a National Town Hall on the People’s Pandemic Prevention Plan to hear from Professor Jeffrey Sachs and Dr. Abdul El-Sayed, joined by Drs. Hannah Lichtsinn and Rishi Rattan, about the policies we need Congressional leaders and Joe Biden to must adopt. We CAN stop the current crisis, build back better, and prevent this disaster from ever happening again. Register here: bit.ly/PandemicTownHall

Sample email:
COVID-19 has been a disaster, and President Trump STILL doesn’t have a real plan. 

Nearly 1,500 health professionals, scientists and experts DO have plans for what we need to do to stop the coronavirus, build back better, and stop the pandemics of the future. Please RSVP <https://bit.ly/PandemicTownHall> for the first National Town Hall on the massive Pandemic Prevention Plan we need Joe Biden and Congressional leaders to enact! Join Dr. Adbul El-Sayed <http://abdulelsayed.com/>, Professor Jeffrey Sachs <https://www.jeffsachs.org/>, and Doctors Rishi Ratta and  Hannah Lichtsinn, both physicians fighting COVID-19 on the front lines in Miami and Minneapolis. 

When: Tuesday, August 4th @ 11:00am ET/10am CT/9am MT/8:00 AM PT+AZ
Please register here for this important event: https://bit.ly/PandemicTownHall <https://bit.ly/PandemicTownHall> 

These speakers will brief the media on a set of recommendations made by almost 1,500+ health professionals and experts urging Joe Biden to adopt a Pandemic Prevention Plan. Speakers will also comment on the state of COVID relief bill negotiations underway in Congress. Journalists and audience members will be able to ask questions. 

Please join me this Tuesday. 

In solidarity,


P.S. Fellow Health Worker? It’s not too late to sign the letter!
https://bit.ly/BidenPandemicLetter <https://bit.ly/BidenPandemicLetter> 

Questions or comments? Email R2Hwebin at gmail.com or check out r2haction.org. 

Paul Davis
R2H Action <https://www.r2action.org/> [Right to Health]
Mobile/Signal (secure): +1 202 817 0129
IM/Skype/Twitter: @pdavisx
he, him

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