[Ip-health] T1International's Statement on the World Health Assembly Insulin Resolution

James Elliott james at t1international.com
Fri Jun 19 11:19:13 PDT 2020

Hello everyone,

Below is T1International's statement on the World Health Assembly insulin
resolution and specifically about the virtual event held by:

Health Action International
ONG Santé Diabète
Stichting Vluchteling
Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)

Live Recording:


"T1International Statement on World Health Assembly Insulin Resolution

19 Jun 2020, 10:38 a.m

The idea of planning insulin and type 1 diabetes advocacy without patient
voices and patient representation is coming to an end. Not only do patients
bring value to these conversations, but it is our right to be present and
involved at every level of policy-making.

We were proud that Cyrine Farhat of Lebanon represented T1International,
the #insulin4all movement and people living with type 1 diabetes as one of
six speakers at a collaborative virtual event about a WHA Resolution on
Access to Insulin.

The aim of the resolution is to draw the attention of Member States, the
World Health Organization (WHO), and other stakeholders to the pressing
need for access to insulin, and to request more resources to ensure
availability, accessibility, affordability and quality for all people in
need of insulin.

We thank Cyrine for her voice, which rang out loud and true. No one could
deny what she stated clearly during the event: Access to insulin is a human
right. Many speakers reinforced this sentiment. This is progress. We need
further progress still, and we need action.

Every country on earth has people living within it who will die without
insulin. The virtual event clearly established the need for strong global
representation, and that the needs of low and middle income countries must
continue to be front and centre. A key highlight was when the Minister of
Health of Mali announced new public funding for insulin, proclaiming “Free
insulin for children and young adults must be a universal right!”.

Mali is a country with a proud history and a rich culture. Like many
countries, it is also facing conflict, climate change and poverty, yet they
are moving forward and prioritizing people with diabetes. What excuse do
countries like the United States have in not doing the same? In our view:

We are under no illusion that a World Health Assembly resolution on insulin
will change the facts on the ground overnight. However, it will be another
tool at our disposal for ensuring our rights as human beings and our
dignity are upheld. During the event, the World Health Organization
representative emphasized that without a mandate, they cannot take action.
They need organizations, countries, and individuals to push them to action.
Indeed, that is our plan, and our people-power will continue to do just

T1International and #insulin4all advocates have been in the streets
protesting for change. We have been in newspapers, on the radio, in film,
on television and active on social media. We have been advocating to our
governments and to the world that people with diabetes must have access to
insulin and their right to health must be recognized. We look forward to
continuing to work with the WHO and other partners to pass a World Health
Assembly Resolution, and to ensure that the advancement of our human rights
is a reality."

In solidarity,

T1International Trustee
Twitter: @t1international | @jandelliott

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