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It may be of interest to IP-health readers that the Medicines Patent Pool has added patent status information regarding potential treatments of covid-19, including remdesivir, to their patent data base Medspal.

This is what it shows on remdesivir for China and India: https://www.medspal.org/?keywords=Remdesivir&country_name%5B%5D=China&country_name%5B%5D=India&page=1

Check out other countries on: medspal.org

No such information on the WIPO medicines patent database Pat-informed yet. 

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>> On 14 Mar 2020, at 16:01, Sean Flynn <sflynn at wcl.american.edu> wrote:
> From Duncan Mathews (who may be on this list too):
> IPR Daily<http://www.iprdaily.com/article/index/15372.html>  reports that the Wuhan Institute of Virology filed a patent application on use of  Gilead Sciences’ remdesivir for the treatment of covid-19. Gilead does not seem to a partner on the application.
> The Wuhan Institute submitted the patent application jointly with the Military Medicine Institute of the People’s Liberation Army Academy of Military Science. Researchers with both organizations noted in a paper published in Nature’s Cell Research this week that both remdesivir and chloroquine, used to treat malaria, may be effective in stalling the coronavirus.
> “Even if the Wuhan Institute’s application gets authorized, the role is very limited because Gilead still owns the fundamental patent of the drug,” said Zhao Youbin, a Shanghai-based intellectual property attorney at Purplevine IP Service Co. “Any exploitation of the patent must seek approval from Gilead.”
> The Wuhan Institute indicated it filed the patent application on January 21, but also noted it would temporarily drop the patent claims if it had the opportunity to collaborate with foreign biopharma companies to battle the epidemic.
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