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Tue Mar 17 13:58:25 PDT 2020

I should have mentioned, a PDF of the resolution, in Spanish, is linked to
the blog.

On Tue, Mar 17, 2020 at 4:43 PM James Love <james.love at keionline.org> wrote:

> This will be updated in a bit, with an English translation of the
> resolution, and some quotes from people in Chile who made this happen.
> https://www.keionline.org/32385
> March 17, 2020 by Luis Gil Abinader
> Today, with an overwhelming 127 votes in favor and 0 votes against, the
> Chilean Chamber of Deputies approved a strong resolution asking the Chilean
> Government to declare that there is justification for compulsory licenses
> for vaccines, drugs, diagnostics, devices, supplies, and other technologies
> useful for the surveillance, prevention, detection, diagnosis and treatment
> of people infected by the coronavirus virus in Chile.
> The resolution also has a strong transparency mandate, asking the Minister
> of Health to request the World Health Organization (WHO) Global Observatory
> on Health R&D to collect information on the costs associated with health
> technologies related to COVID-19.

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