[Ip-health] Alan Story: A patented Covid-19 vaccine could price out millions | Green World

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This is a very very worrying comment given his position (but hardly surprising from him). Business was not as usual when the US was on the verge of issuing CL on cipro after 9/11

Even an X Novartis talked about this as not business as usual and said public health must be the driver not commercial interest. 

This is unprecedented pandemic requites unprecedented actions including IP pool. 

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Alan story has a long piece on the patents issues related to vaccines.  One thing that sticks out is a telling quote from Dick Wilder at CEPI on the issue of open licensing.  This is pretty significant, given the amount of money from government and private donors to CEPI for vaccine development.



The Costa Rica proposal is “not effective and not necessary”, Richard Wilder, general legal counsel of the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) told Green World last week in an exclusive interview.

Wilder, who is also CEPI’s director of business development, said pharmaceutical companies, biotech firms and academic labs will refuse to share their vaccine technologies and scientific processes and there is “simply no time now” to do anything different than usual.

This then becomes a key question of the hour: is the need for a Covid-19 vaccine, its manufacture and its distribution now so great that “business as usual”, as Ellen ‘t Hoen puts it, is a non-starter? And will governments require patent holders to share?

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