[Ip-health] Basics for posting to ip-health

James Love james.love at keionline.org
Fri May 29 09:22:26 PDT 2020

Here are some basics for funding R&D.

to post a message to ip-health, send an email to
ip-health at lists.keionline.org

If you are unsure if the message was posted, you can check the archives,
which are public.   If there is problem, send a note to:
ip-health-owner at lists.keionline.org

The archives are here:

Anyone can join the list by subscribing here:

The messages are moderated, to eliminate spam, and off topic posts.   We
also discourage personal attacks, although that has not been much of an

The messages should be in plain text if possible. Binary files like PDF or
Word files will be rejected by the software, and this is a security issue.

If the message is from a web page, it is good practice to include the URL,
and readers might want to view it on the original web page, to benefit the
author, if that is an option.

When posting news stories, linking to the original helps the publisher and
the author.

Use judgement in terms of how much of a story to share on the list.  Some
articles, behind paywalls, should not be posted at all, or partially.

KEI relies upon the fair use provision in the United States copyright law,
which involves a balancing test.  When information is timely, newsworthy,
and the distribution does not unduly undermine the business model of the
publication, for example, by reaching audiences that would not otherwise
have access, there is considerable freedom to share works or parts of

KEI is generally inclined to share information when KEI was a source for a
story, or the story has some particular relevant information to a policy
debate or research question, or when journalists or other authors encourage
us to share the stories.

We have been planing to provide more formal guidance on the fair use
issues, and will later on.

Recognize also that all posts are in a public archive, and that his is an
open, public list.

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