[Ip-health] Webinar: Building access into pharmaceutical R&D agreements: ideas and possibilities from real-world contracts, Oct 28

Marcela Vieira marcelacfvieira at gmail.com
Wed Oct 14 10:44:54 PDT 2020

Dear all,

We would like to invite you to the next webinar of the series organized by
the Knowledge Network for Innovation and Access to Medicines, a project of
the Global Health Centre at the Graduate Institute of Geneva, which will
take place on Wednesday, October 28,  4pm - 5pm CEST / 11am - 12pm EDT.

We hope you will be able to join us for this discussion. The webinar will
be recorded and made available a few days after it takes place. A list of
the previous webinars of the series and their recordings and related
materials is available at: https://www.knowledgeportalia.org/webinars

*Building access into pharmaceutical R&D agreements: ideas and
possibilities from real-world contracts*

Wednesday, October 28, 4pm - 5pm CET / 11am - 12pm EDT

To join the webinar, please register here:

Julia Barnes-Weise, Executive Director, The Global Health Innovation
Alliance Accelerator (GHIAA)

Viviana Galli, Coordinator, European Alliance for Responsible R&D and
Affordable Medicines

Master Alliance Provisions Guide (MAPGuide) - www.ghiaa.org/mapguide-home/

Pharmaceutical R&D, manufacturing and distribution involves a “relay race”
among many actors at different stages of the process. Contracts are usually
negotiated each step of the way, from early research grants to development
agreements containing intellectual property licenses, from technology
transfer for manufacturing to advanced purchase commitments. These
agreements are
usually kept confidential, however, with limited publicly-available
information and understanding of the public interest provisions that might
be feasible in any negotiation. Real-world examples of contractual
provisions can help to advance understanding of how to ensure medicines are
available, affordable and accessible globally, including from the earliest
stages of R&D.

Julia Barnes-Weise will present the recently-launched MAPGuide, a new
online tool providing a collection of actual and template contractual
provisions from agreements between different types of organizations; the
Guide covers the subjects of access, intellectual property, liability, risk
and benefit sharing. Viviana Galli will provide comments, drawing on her
experience advocating for the adoption of access conditions in public
funding at different levels within the European Union.

The webinar is free and open to the public and will be held in English.
Participants will be able to pose questions orally or in writing, and the
speakers will respond to a selection of these during the second half of the
event. Recordings of all webinars will be made available afterward at the
Knowledge Portal on Innovation and Access to Medicines (
www.knowledgeportalia.org), a project of the Global Health Centre, Graduate
Institute of Geneva. After registering, you will receive a confirmation
email with additional information on how to join the webinar using the Zoom
platform. For more information on the activities of the Global Health
Centre, visit our website or subscribe to our mailing list:

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