[Ip-health] New resource: research synthesis on compulsory licensing

Marcela Vieira marcelacfvieira at gmail.com
Thu Mar 4 08:28:42 PST 2021

Dear all,

We are happy to share with you a new resource recently published at the
Knowledge Portal on Innovation and Access to Medicines, which provides
overviews of the current state of research on several topics related to
pricing, innovation, and intellectual property. A full list of the
available topics is available here: https://www.knowledgeportalia.org/

The new research synthesis provides information on the use of compulsory
licensing as an instrument to promote access to medicines. Compulsory
licensing is a provision that allows patents to be licensed without the
authorization of the patent holder. In the context of medical products, it
is considered to be a tool that can help address access to medicine issues,
such as high prices and shortages, because it temporarily removes the
exclusivity rights granted by a patent and can allow for production and/or
importation from a broader range of producers. It has been, and remains, a
contentious topic.

The document focuses on empirical studies of the implementation of such
licenses and their economic and political impacts, as well as on the
possibilities associated with issuing compulsory licenses beyond the legal
provisions contained in patent laws. It is also of special relevance to
current global debates as countries are exploring the use of compulsory
license, and other TRIPS flexibilities, to increase the availability of and
access to medicines in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic.

We value your comments and feedback through the Knowledge Portal or at
globalhealthresearch at graduateinstitute.ch. The Knowledge Portal on
Innovation and Access to Medicines is a project of the Global Health
Centre, Graduate Institute of Geneva. To receive regular updates on access
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With best regards,
Marcela Vieira, LLB, MPH
Researcher and Project Coordinator of the
Knowledge Network for Innovation and Access to Medicines

Global Health Centre, Research
Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies
marcela.vieira at graduateinstitute.ch

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