[Ip-health] Press release: Access to Corona vaccination only for the rich

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*Press release*

*Access to Corona vaccination only for the rich*

*The pandemic will not be over until everyone can get vaccinated. 
However, this is not the case: a group of rich countries representing 
only 13% of the world's population has reserved more than half of the 
global vaccine doses. *

In contrast, German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier or UN 
Secretary-General António Manuel de Oliveira Guterres stress that "no 
one is safe from COVID 19 until everyone has had a vaccine" and warn 
against vaccine nationalism.

An application to the World Trade Organization (WTO), submitted by South 
Africa and India and supported by more than 100 other member states, is 
intended to facilitate the production of vaccines for the period of the 
pandemic, but is currently being blocked by some countries such as the 
EU, the USA, Canada and Japan and Brazil.

"Although politicians of all stripes emphasize the importance of 
vaccinating the entire population of the world, practically no 
solidarity is practiced," clarifies Dr. Christiane Fischer of PHM 
Germany, who founded the non-governmental organization Peoples Health 
Movement Germany (PHM) with a few comrades-in-arms. The goal of this 
initiative is to create access to medical care, medicines and vaccines 
for all people in the world.

The joy about vaccine against COVID 19 and the concern about the 
difficult to organize vaccination start characterize the coverage in the 
European media. Beyond the media interest, however, is the desolate 
situation of the people in the global South, who are currently 
particularly affected by Corona and the measures against it.

PHM Germany will organize an International online panel discussion on 
the Global Day of Action of International PHM on 7.4.2021 at 19:00h 
-21.00h: *Access to Corona Vaccination for People in the Global South.*

There will be representatives from civil society, academia and politics 
from South Africa, Brazil, India and Germany discussing how the global 
community can succeed in realizing the right to health care and access 
to vaccination worldwide.

Afterwards, the discussion will be available to you as a film in the 
press section: https://phmovement.de/socialmedia/ 

*The planned schedule**on 7.4.2021, 19h-21h*



Dr. Christiane Fischer, PHM Germany

Presentations and discussion


Matheus Falcão Brazil, PHM Coordinator

Dr. Gopal Dabade, PHM India

Prof. Andy Lofts Gray, WHO Consultant and PHM South Africa



Astrid Berner Rodoreda

Chat: Santosh Mahindrakar, Dr. Eva Maintz

The event will be held in English. Questions can be asked in German.

*The invitation link*: 
Join the online panel discussion.

*Contact: *

Dr. Christiane Fischer, MD, member of the board of directors

fischer at phmovement.de <mailto:fischer at phmovement.de>


Astrid Berner Rodoreda, founding member

info at phmovement.de <mailto:info at phmovement.de>

Dr. Eva-Maria Maintz, MD, member

eva.maintz at gmail.com <mailto:eva.maintz at gmail.com>


*For English speaking inquiries: *

Santosh Mahindrakar, member

santoshmahindrakar84 at gmail.com <mailto:santoshmahindrakar84 at gmail.com>

abrodoreda at googlemail.com

*See: https://phmovement.de/*


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