[Vaccine-manufacturing] [e-drug] Recommendations for scaling-up production of COVID-19 vaccines in Africa

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I found this document from USP (United States Pharmacopoeiae) and posted on
E-drug by Carinne Bruneton to be very useful.

Kirsten Myhr, Norway

E-DRUG: Recommendations for scaling-up production of COVID-19 vaccines in

Increasing local production of vaccines in Africa, including COVID-19
vaccines, could help expand access to these life-saving products and promote
health security and supply chain resiliency on the continent. In particular,
opportunities to expand capacity for the final few steps in the
manufacturing process, known as last-mile manufacturing, may lower costs,
speed up delivery and distribution, and increase preparedness for the next
health emergency.

This white paper outlines the vaccine manufacturing process and challenges
in Africa, and identifies opportunities and recommendations to scale-up
last-mile manufacturing of vaccines across Africa, including increasing
technical readiness, strengthening regulatory systems, and supporting
policies and market access.


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